Mitford’s Letters

Letters interface

This interface represents our encoding so far of a selection of letters held in the Reading Central Library and the John Rylands Library from the years 1819-1825, years that the Mitford team has identified as pivotal in the shaping of Mitford’s literary career as she began developing her plays and short fiction. The editions displayed here are active work in progress, in a reasonably complete form suitable for reading but possibly requiring corrections or additional work. As we add newly coded letters and file corrections to our database, the list of available material and the editions of letters will update here. Launch the interface by selecting a year to view the available material so far.

Please note that the letters represented here may not be in a complete, finalized state, but we present them here as an aid to the community and to the team itself as we continue our work. Currently (as of August 2016), links to TEI XML files and manuscript images will not yet work. If you discover other errors in the interface or in the encoding, please contact us; we appreciate your help!

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