Mary Russell Mitford

Welcome to the Digital Mitford, an active digital humanities project begun in April 2013 with the formation of the Mary Russell Mitford Society at the 18th- and 19th-century British Women Writers’ Conference in Albuquerque. We organized the society and the project for these purposes:

  1. to produce the first comprehensive scholarly edition of the works and letters of Mary Russell Mitford, and
  2. to share knowledge of TEI XML and other related humanities computing practices with all serious scholars interested in contributing to the project.

We are pleased to feature our work in progress, beginning with Mitford’s play Julian, A Tragedy in Five Acts, our project’s coding guidelines and documentation, our workshop orientation materials, our working list of archives holding Mitford manuscripts, and our working bibliography of Mitford’s published texts.

As we code digital editions of Mitford’s texts we are assembling a detailed record of important people, places, and events, from which we have begun to develop network analysis graphs to help illuminate how the widely published Mitford connected with a wide range of correspondents and contemporaries around the world. Please read our About page for more detail on our methods and practice.

Would you like to help with Digital Mitford project? There are many ways to get involved! To join our project as a scholarly editor, please follow our application process. If you want to send us research leads on Mary Russell Mitford and the people or places she knew, manuscript leads and text transcriptions, or a donation to the project, please send e-mail to Elisa Beshero-Bondar, tweet to @DigitalMitford, or post to:

The Mary Russell Mitford Society
c/o Elisa Beshero-Bondar
Penn State Behrend
170 Irvin Kochel Center
4951 College Drive
Erie, PA  16563-1501

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