Mary Russell Mitford

How to Apply to Join the Digital Mitford Project Team as a New Editor

The Digital Mitford project is unusual because our project team is distributed across multiple academic institutions, rather than hosted exclusively by any single institution. Interested scholars may apply to join our team as editors. To join the Digital Mitford team, we require first that you register and participate actively in a session of our Coding School, to learn as much as you can about the project and our methods.

Following the Coding School experience, write an application addressed to the Digital Mitford team’s executive council (comprised of its Principal Editor, Managing Editor, and Section Editors). Applications will consist of a curriculum vitae, including at least one reference who can attest to your interest and commitment in our project, and application essay with a limit of 1,000 words. Your essay should respond to the following questions: Given what you learned at the Coding School, how do you see yourself contributing actively to the Digital Mitford editing team? How important is this project to your professional development?

Successful applicants will demonstrate commitment to investigating Mary Russell Mitford and scholarship in areas of interest to this project on nineteenth-century women writers, life-writing, and the contexts of publishing and performance. They will also demonstrate interest in the text encoding work and digital methods we employ, and willingness to dedicate time to the project for sustained periods at least two or three times per year.

Submit applications to Lisa Wilson, Digital Mitford Managing Editor, by e-mail to wilsonlm at Applications will be reviewed by the Digital Mitford Editing Team, and successful applicants will be given "Consultant" status and a a preliminary assignment during a probationary period to gain experience with the project. On successful completion of the assignment, the successful applicant will earn "Editor" status. The time to complete this process should be inside of six months.

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